Villa Baltic Sand



Międzyzdroje is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Polish coast. Beautiful clean and wide beaches surrounded by magnificent landscapes, with high-quality infrastructure, well-maintained parks and plenty of other attractions to suit anyone’s taste. The town is visited every year by several hundred thousand tourists, some of them TV celebrities, thirsty for sun, the sea climate and top-of-the-range tourist services.

During the summer, Międzyzdroje is a vibrant place around the clock. In the day you can enjoy swimming in the salt water and sunbathing on the sandy beach. Fine sand, a nice pier and cliffs make the beach in Międzyzdroje stand out from the rest. You can also take advantage of the many water sports equipment rentals – they are sure to give you a good deal. In the evenings, you can stroll along the promenade stretching for miles and lined with cafes, pubs and venues. There are flowers and greenery almost everywhere which contributes to a unique effect.

It is a good choice to come visit us, because Miedzyzdroje is in itself a good choice for a holiday destination. Located on Poland’s largest island, Wolin, Międzyzdroje has not only a charming promenade with an original historical pier, but also numerous unique tourist attractions. There we will find the interesting Museum of the Wolin National Park featuring a show enclosure of European bison and other forest animals. This will be a fascinating experience for adult nature lovers as well as children and teenagers. If you are looking for excitement, check out our ropes course. In the Baltic Miniature Park you can take a trip to all seven Baltic countries. For cinema lovers, we have the ‘Ewa’ cinema offering a nice selection of good films; water sports enthusiasts will be happy to hear about the modern new marina in Wapnica. Situated in the middle of the Wolin National Park (the only one in Poland that includes coastal waters and the country’s highest cliffs), Międzyzdroje is not only the sea, but also the Szczecin Lagoon with a unique view of the Reverse Delta of the Swina River, which can be seen from a hill located on the former ‘Grodzisko’ (a ring of earth surrounding a former settlement). It is here that a thousand years ago St. Otto of Bamberg baptized the Slavs; it is here that merchants from as far afield as Arabia came for their goods; it is here that you can see the foundations of the oldest church of St. Nicholas in the whole of Pomerania. A visit to Grodzisko located in the Międzyzdroje municipality is also an interesting live history lesson, with charts showing how the local communities lived in this area in the old days. On our way to Grodzisko we will pass another two big places of interest in Pomerania on a European scale – the former cement factory with the Turquoise Lake – the largest industrial development in pre-WW1 Germany, as well as the V3 Museum, a place where prototypes of rocket weapons were launched from the moraine hills. A visit to the museum in the small bunker is fun not only for youngsters, especially because all of these places can be reached by bike or by a colourful tourist train. It is worth noting that these areas have attracted many a film director. Likewise, the whole island of Wolin, on which Miedzyzdroje is located, has another landmark – Fort Gerhard containing the highest lighthouse on the entire Baltic Sea coast, and the Underground City – a complex system of underground shelters that housed the command post in the event of World War 3. You can get there from Villa Baltic Sand by car or by bike. As you enter the island of Wolin from the south, you cross the longest span bridge arrive at a former Viking settlement (Viking Festivals on a European scale in August!); from the north, the island can be accessed via an impressive drawbridge.

Dear Guests – future clients, it is worth coming here, it is worth giving yourself and your family an unforgettable holiday time, it is worth living and resting here in the friendly and intimate VILLA BALTIC SAND smelling of newness and freshness, it is worth coming back here all year round!